About us

About us: Holger Hinrichs


  • day job in the IT and education sector
  • father
  • 40 something
  • realist
  • vegetarian
  • hopes for the invention of the 48 hours day
  • likes to plan in the medium term
  • never stops learning

This is important to me:

my family, open mind, free speech, conscious living, sustainability


  • mindfulness
  • nature
  • my huge music collection (on untrendy CDs), from Arcade Fire to Townes van Zandt
  • running, cycling, swimming (once a year as a triathlon)
  • information design (particularly important in times of deliberate disinformation)


About us: Nicole Grieve


  • day job in the media sector
  • mother
  • 40 something
  • optimist
  • vegetarian
  • is never bored
  • is constantly improvising
  • never stops learning

This is important to me:

my family, the environment/nature , peace, freedom, justice, friends


  • minimalism
  • computer science
  • DIY, handmade
    – in the kitchen
    (healthy food, fermentation → bacteria are great)
    – sewing, handicraft, …
  • books (I prefer audiobooks at the moment)

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