• Why are SUVs so damn popular? Symbolic picture: SUV dealer
    Climate crisis,  Traffic

    Why are SUVs so damn popular?

    For quite a while, SUVs break one sales record after another. A type of vehicle that does not seem to fit in our time at all. Compact, fuel-efficient cars are out of fashion. But why are SUVs so damn popular? Why in heaven’s name people all over the world are buying ever larger cars with ever stronger (and thirstier) engines, when many roads are already congested and parking is scarce? And how does that fit in with the insight that we need to massively reduce our CO2 emissions to save our climate? It would be easy to run SUV bashing for a complete blog article. But confrontation and demarcation does…

  • Sign "There is no Planet B" on an FFF demo
    Climate crisis,  Thoughts

    Parents for Future: Together against the crisis

    Hi there… yeah, this blog is still alive! It only paused for a while. And in this first post-break post, I’ll tell you what happened and how the Parents for Future helped me get on with it. Until February, writing was going on quite well. I had some burning issues to write about – then, I somehow got out of step. Of course, there was a lot to do beyond this blog – at work, in the family. But it was not just that, something else prevented me from writing. A kind of “crisis of sense”. Rousing other people is harder than expected In November 2018, Nicole and I started…

  • Plogging: Microwave on a park bench

    Plogging – our first time

    New Year’s resolutions again? Well, to work less, of course. To go outside more often – sure. To do more sports – a classic. And finally: to do more things that make you happy. On New Year’s Day, we tried out something that unites all these plans: plogging. A new sexual practice? No, unfortunately not. The word is a combination of “plocka” (Swedish for “picking up”) and “jogging”, and that’s what it’s all about: you are jogging through nature (or the city, or wherever), pay attention to lying trash and – well – collect it. Sounds completely disgusting? Here is our review: Running clothes, gloves, paper bag – let’s go!…

  • Climate crisis,  Thoughts

    Time is running out – so let’s act now!

    I’m worried. Big worries. So big that – when I wake up at night – my thoughts are constantly revolving around it. These are existential concerns. Worries that our planet is being thrown off balance. Through climate change, through environmental degradation and mass extinction of plants and animals, through plastic pollution. In front of our eyes. Now. Caused by us. Those who have the invaluable privilege of living on this wonderful, unique planet. My worries are mixed up with pure bewilderment. About that we just keep going like before. About the fact that many people do not seem to worry about these things. As if the countless signs did not…

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